Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wrapping up Dr. Seuss week

On Thursday, we wore "crazy glasses" and my daughter, Erin read The Eye Book to our students.

They loved the book and of course, their favorite page was the one that mentions seeing "pink underpants"!!

Our bulletin board was really cute! I think it was our favorite!

We had another treat, too. Our ELL teacher read The Cat in the Hat to the students in English and Spanish. Our ELL students thought that was great and our other students liked it, too. It was really neat to hear the book in both languages.

On Friday, another one of our assistant principals read I am NOT Getting Up Today to our class. The students wore their pajamas. I forgot to take a picture of the bulletin board for Friday.... :-(
On Monday, we are going to display the poster I made from each day/book and allow the students to vote on which one they liked the best. We will display that poster and the results from the voting on the bulletin board. It was a great week of celebrating a great author! Our principal liked our dress up days and wants us to suggest them to the whole school next year.

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