Monday, March 28, 2011

Ten Things I Have Learned from Teaching

Here are my (Tanya's) 10 Things I Have Learned about Teaching!

1. It is OK to get super excited when the school supplies start appearing on the shelves at Walmart!!!

2. Even the worst days in the classroom are better than the best days in the office!

3. Laughing from your gut every day for some reason or another IS GOOD MEDICINE!!!

4. The child who is the worst behaved is NEVER absent!!!!

5. You are never REALLY immune from all the bugs and sickness!!!!

6. Sometimes you are the only positive thing in a child's life!!!!

7. Be appreciative of all the people who make your job easier - the custodians, the maintenance worker, and in my case, administrators!

8. There is a crayon monster in the classroom that mysteriously steals crayons and/or eats them down to the nub!!!

9. Having your children dance for you will tell you a lot!!!

10. Even though I do not get paid what I feel teachers are worth, I would not change jobs for anything in the world!!!

1 comment:

  1. I love #6! My kids hug or high-5 me every day on the way out of class!