Thursday, March 17, 2011

Help Wanted!! I need some ideas!!

For the next two weeks, we will be doing our farm unit. I purchased several packs of the "Grow a Farm Animal" capsules a couple of months ago from Target's Dollar Bins. I remembered reading something on someone's blog about using these kinds of capsules in math and graphing their growth. Who was that???!!!! Also, does anyone else have some ideas on how to use them?? PLEASE SHARE!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and I will take pictures and let everyone know how things worked out. THANK YOU!!


  1. At Teacher he suggests giving each student one and then they have to write about the animal they get.

  2. I use them! I have a sheet that I made up and first they have to predict what it will be...they know that it will be an they predict first and then we "grow" them...the bottom line says something like its a ___________! and then we glue it on.

  3. I, too, give each student a capsule and have them watch it change into an animal and write about that animal.
    Have fun!