Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The ABCs of Me (Cindy)

Heather over at The Ladybug Learning Spot posted this really fun "get to know you" kind of thing. It is The ABCs of Me. So, since it is Spring Break for us, I thought I would play along. You all should do it too so we can learn more about each other.
The ABCs of Cindy
A/age - 42 (shhhh, don't tell anyone!)
B/bed size - queen
C/chores you hate - cleaning bathtubs and toilets (YUCK!)
D/dogs - We added our Welsh Pembroke Corgi to the family this past Christmas. She was a gift to my 16 year old daughter. Her name is Roxy and you can see a picture of her on an earlier post.
E/essential to start your day - COFFEE!!
F/favorite color - I love turquoise, orange, and brown.
G/gold or silver - I like both. My wedding set is gold. But I like silver jewelry, too.
H/height - about 5'6 (so glad you don't have to put your weight on this!)
I/instruments you play - I played the clarinet in the middle school band. Probably couldn't play one note on it now!
J/job title - Kindergarten teacher, best job in the world!
K/kids - Erin, my beautiful and brilliant daughter who is 16 and Will, my handsome and talented athlete of a son who is 13. Can you tell I am a little proud of them?
L/live - Alabaster, AL
M/mom's name - Shirley (you don't hear that name anymore)
N/nicknames - I am known as just "Hutter" to some.
O/overnight hospital stay - both times I had my babies
P/pet peeve - parents who don't put a priority on their children's education and fake people
Q/quote - I have two favorites and they are both from Dr. Seuss (imagine that!). "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." And, "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." I am going to have to tell myself the second one over and over again next school year when my daughter graduates from high school... :-(
R/righty or lefty - righty
S/siblings - I am the youngest of 3 girls. I have 2 older sisters. Elizabeth and Penny, who spoiled me more growing up than my parents did.
T/time you wake up - 5am
U/ultimate vacation - BEACH!! I would like to visit beaches I have not been to. Maybe Hawaii or Grand Cayman...
V/veggies you dislike - I love veggies but there are a few I can do without. Beets and sprouts, YUCK!!
W/what is your favorite thing to teach? - math and unit (science and social studies)
X/x-rays you've had - hand, toe (the only bone I have ever broken), teeth, chest, and sinuses
Y/yummy food you make - lasagna, baked beans, and I am always the one to make the sweet tea when a group is together.
Z/zoo animal - Otters, they are so cute and fun to watch!


  1. So glad to get to know you! Thanks for the shout-out!! Happy Spring Break!!!

  2. Hi Baby Sister,
    It's so fun to keep up with your class through this blog. I enjoyed reading the ABC's of Cindy, I learned somethings but I also could have answered some of the questions. You were SPOILED!!! Also loved the pics of Roxy.

    Thanks for adding me to your blog list. I've done the same with kindergarten corral. Don't know why I hadn't already done it!

    Love ya,
    Your Big Sis
    (Elizabeth Ann )