Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year's Goals Set by Kindergarteners

I think this little fellow's parents have discussed what a resolution is with him.  If you can't read his speech bubble, it says, "My New Year's goal is get ready for school faster."  And, just to set the record straight, he doesn't really have black teeth.
Miss B said her New Year's goal is "to do something for my teacher".  Now, shouldn't everyone's New Year's goal be just that!  God love her!
This sweet little guy wants to "give presents to everybody".  He made me smile with this one!  Precious!
Isn't it awesome that "to be a fashionista" is on the top of this little star's list?  Her leggings and tu-tu made it look as though she was working hard on just that today.  =)


  1. so cute! We did this activity too! My kiddos loved it! I posted pics a few days ago!

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