Sunday, January 22, 2012

100th Day and Valentine's Gifts

Friday was the 100th day of school for us. The students were greeted with this at the door of the classroom.
Zero the Hero was there to wish them a "Happy 100th Day of School!"  Please ignore the big magnet that is attached to his head and keeping him on the board!
We asked our students to dress like they were 100 years old.  They were precious!  These are our twins, Brayden and Carson.  Their name tags said they were residents of the "Lazy Days Retirement Home" and the "Sunny Beach Retirement Home".  They are too stinking cute!

We had our special 100th Day Trail Mix snack. Some of the students said they couldn't eat 100 snacks!  But, they ate it all!

We danced for 100 seconds, read 100th Day books, drew pictures of ourselves as 100 year olds, and drew and wrote about what we would do with $100.  It was a fun but exhausting day!
Now, unto what I have been making for our students for Valentine's Day...  Last year, I read posts from teachers who made heart shaped crayons from old crayons for their students and I have wanted to try it ever since.  I started looking for heart shaped muffin tins right after Christmas.  I found this heart shaped "Whoopie Pie Pan" at Michael's last Sunday.
This pan works amazingly well!  It is non-stick and once the melted crayons have cooled they come right out without any trouble at all.  And, so it was time to peel those crayons!

I filled the molds with the crayons.  

This is how they look when they come out of the oven.  The back side of them are not near as pretty as once they are out of the pan and flipped over.


And since we live in Alabama and we are HUGE Crimson Tide fans, I had to make one like the one below! ROLL TIDE!!

I loved making all the heart shaped crayons and became a little obsessed with it because they are so COOL! And then, I was in Target yesterday innocently strolling through the Valentine's section and I spied this incredible little cookie pan!  Of course the first thing I thought was, "Wow! Those would be awesome crayons because the shape is so "crayon like"!"  It was only $6.99 and I had plenty of crayons left at home so in my cart it went!!

And this is what they look like when I went through the whole process again (even peeling more crayons and cutting my fingers twice because I used a box cutter to slice the paper this time).  

So, each of our students will be getting a heart shaped crayon AND one like the ones above.  
If you want to make these and have a metal non-stick pan, all you have to do is heat the crayon pieces in a 200 degree oven until all crayons are fully melted which takes about 20 minutes in my oven and then let them cool completely in the pan before trying to get them out.  =)


  1. Roll Tide! Love all your stuff for 100th day. Can't wait for ours in a couple of weeks.

  2. Now I'm going to have to make the 40 min. drive to these so much! Oh...and congrats on your championship...even though I will forever be a War Eagle girl I love that our state has won 3 years in a row :)
    Mrs. Plant's Press

  3. Awesome crayons! I'm totally making these for Valentine's Day!
    Rambling About Reading

  4. Thanks for the tip!!! Was planning to make these-but, now I'm going to have to make a trip to Target:)
    Little Warriors

  5. Thanks for sharing! LOVE these ideas! I am so excited to be on your blog roll as well! YOU ROCK!

  6. Love! I melted crayons in the oven once and I got nervous because of a burning smell.. did it smell when you did it??

    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE these ideas!!! I HAD to share your ideas and I tagged you in a post on my blog! Come check it out!

    Hope to talk to you soon!

  8. What a cool idea!! I have tons of old crayons that often get thrown away. My students would love this!!! THanks for sharing!!

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  13. Your kiddos are so cute! I am your newest follower.
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