Friday, July 15, 2011

New Classroom! Lots more space!!

Tanya and I are fortunate enough to be moving into a very large classroom this summer. We are slowly moving things into cabinets and closets right now and trying to be very organized while doing so. We have been using the awesome labels everyone has been sharing! The classroom seems rather large to us right now because we have taught the last 2 school years with 40 students in a classroom meant to be a science lab. I am sure our new dreamy HUGE classroom will start feeling smaller when we get all our furniture and kiddos in there. Here is my question, if you had more space in your classroom than you do now, what would you add or improve? Also, if you have blogged about your classroom arrangement, direct us to that post so we can get some ideas. We are so excited about the extra space!!

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  1. I too am moving into a larger space this summer...waiting two more weeks to get in there and get organizing though! I am thinking that there will be more room for larger learning center nooks, a more spacious meeting area, and maybe even area just for messier projects. I think the extra space will help the flow, the noise, and the overall feel of the room. Another idea is that there will be room to include a "safe space" for the child that needs to collect him/herself someplace soothing...a pile of pillows under a table or in between bookcases...something like that. Good luck!
    Angela Just Love Teaching!