Monday, July 11, 2011

Behavior Systems and Rewards

Hello to all our blogger friends! We need some ideas. Tanya and I want to change the way we track behavior through out the school day. We have used the green light, yellow light, and red light system for the last 2 years. And if a student didn't move their clip all week, they would get to go to our pitiful little treasure box on Friday. We use a laminated red file folder that has a chart/calendar for the whole school year on the inside and mark it each day so the parents will know how their child behaved that day. We called them "behavior charts" and we kept them in the back of the student's binders. It was taken home each day but only initialed by the parents on Fridays. We are tired to DEATH of this and want a more positive way to deal with this in the classroom.
What do you all do? And how do you reward the students? Please leave us a comment and share your idea! If you have blogged about this in a past post, please direct us to that post.
We thank all of you for sharing all your great ideas!!


  1. I've heard lots about using the behavior clip chart where kids clip and and clip down. I use a similar system to your stop light, with orange added. But, my kids just have to earn 5 days (not five in a row) so.... not matter long long it takes them, they love still working each brand new day for that goal. We keep track like on this post here:

    Look forward to hearing ideas!
    - Leslie

  2. Just found your blog and became a follower. I was into school today trying to decide the same thing. I have done the Behavior Coloring In Chart for several years. Our colors are green, yellow, and red. Last year we added the color blue. This was wonderful. The kids that went above and beyond could be a blue day instead of green. This challenged all kids. Hope this helps!!

  3. Same here, but in addition, I add a different positive reinforcement system each six weeks...keeps things exciting. One six weeks will be a marble jar, one will be play money for good behavior, one will be a separate clip system for good choices, etc. I've found sticking with one system all year gets stagnate and ooooooold.

  4. I used the "1, 2, 3 Magic for Teachers" system by Thomas W. Phelan and Sarah Jane Schonour. The book is amazing, you can use this with any visual system that you want.

    Faithful in First

  5. Hi! I included a link to where I blogged about it, but basically I added purple as a color to move up to. I forgot to mention in my blog that at the end of the month we count up all of the purples and students can "purchase" a purple card prize. The kids come up with the prizes and the number of purples at the beginning of the year during a shared writing activity. Treasure box is included but most of the prizes are things like-lunch with the teacher or choose a new seat. I hope that helps! Come and check it out!


    Camp Kindergarten

  6. Our school started using PBIS last year. It is all about kids knowing the expectations and positively being rewarded when they are following them. We gave out "Star Tickets" Our school's mascot is a Starblazer. Last year there was a drawing at the end of the week for Super Star of the Week. It worked out well. This year we are adding more to it. Students get to save their tickets and then turn them in for a prize (totally free)...such as use a pen, sit in a special seat, line leader, etc. Also we still use the colors (green, yellow, orange, and red) In addition to this there is a purple star (school color) that students can earn for doing the right things. That equals a special stamp in their folder calendar. I really like this new system. I was so tired of the treasure box and all the junk that goes in them!

  7. I would recommend the clip chart system! I changed in the middle of the year because the light system was not working anymore. I liked the clip chart because it focused on the positives. I posted about it awhile ago with the articles to read. It was such a positive change for the kids, me and the parents loved it!

  8. I also do the color system but made it positive rather then negative by allowing students to move up from green! Also, if a student moves to yellow or orange, they will get a chance to go up to green or purple (the highest color they can receive) as long as they are making positive changes. I did not like the idea of making them stay on yellow or orange or red throughout the entire day because of one mistake. There is always an opportunity to turn your behavior around!

    Also, I am falling in love with the bucket filler. I think I will do that as a whole group positive reinforcement while doing the color behavior system for individual.

  9. I've included a link to a post I wrote about behavior management last year. For me, no matter which system I use, consistency is key.

  10. please see i think you will love it! very innovative way to chart behavior :-)