Friday, February 11, 2011

"Mystery Person" Prize

In our classroom, pencils are kept in a caddy in the center of each table. In order to keep the students from arguing over a special pencil, we just put plain ol' yellow #2 pencils in those caddies. So, when pondering what kind of prize that should be offered up for being the "mystery person" and being caught doing the right thing at the right time, I decided to put all those FANCY pencils to use! I wanted to jazzy up the plastic jar I was going to use so, I made up the little poem that is in the picture.

Here is the poem:
The "Mystery Person" was me!
So, now I get to see,
Which pencil I want to keep,
Because I didn't make a peep!
I'll write with it for the day,
Then take it home, where it will stay!