Friday, December 2, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Kinders...part 2

So, we have been busy learning about "Christmas Around the World" this week.  On Monday, we shared our own Christmas traditions and made stockings. On Tuesday, we listened to The Legend of the Poinsettia and learned about Christmas traditions in Mexico.  We made poinsettias from red and green construction paper. Before moving on to France on Wednesday, I was reviewing with the students what we had learned so far in our journey.  We were discussing what we remembered about Mexico and I asked, "What was the name of the flower we made that came from Mexico?"  An eager student waved his hand in the air and gave me that "I know, I know" look so, I called on him.  He proudly said, "The Mayflower!!!"  Bless his heart!  Too much information crammed into his little brain in the last couple of weeks...
Check out my awesome sister in-law's blog ( and her super cute "Christmas Around the World Scrapbook"!

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  1. I love a kiddo's confident answer...too cute! I am your newest follower and am excited to spend some time stalking your blog! I woulde love for you to come follow me! I have TONS of *freebies*!