Friday, October 14, 2011

Apples Hallway Display

After our students tasted red, yellow, and green apples, each of them decided which apple they liked the best.  Each student constructed an apple from a small paper plate and paper of the color of their favorite apple.  I used those apples to create a line graph in the hallway.  The students at each table graphed the choices of their table mates.  I stapled the graphs from each set of students from each table together and hung them over the graph.
Thanks to Kim Adsit for the "Apple Pie Graph" activity.  Remember we have 42 children in our team taught class so our "apple pie graph" is BIG!  I placed aluminum foil behind the brown paper to hopefully make it look like a pie pan.  
This is what I hung between the two graphs.

Love how this shared writing activity turned out!  It looks just right in our apple hallway display!  Happy fall y'all!!


  1. Your hallway looks great. We just finished up apples, too and started out pumpkin things. Off to the pumpkin patch on Friday!!

  2. Hi,
    Quick question...How were you able to list your blogs on the left. I've tried on my blog but I'm having a tough time. What am I missing???? I love how you have the logos next to blog links. Thanks!