Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shapes and Colors

We finished our 2 week unit on shapes and colors last week.  Here are a few of the highlights:
During calendar time, we used our color quilt to sort pictures that Tanya and I cut from magazines.  I would pull a picture from a big envelope and give it to a selected student and they would attach the picture to the correct color on the "quilt". I made the quilt by laminating the pieces of construction paper after I labeled each piece with the name of the color.  Then, I just simply taped the pieces together on the back.  The students loved this and now that the quilt is full of sorted pictures, we might hang it in the room as a reminder of our colors or hang it as a hallway display for a while.
We had a special "shape snack" on Friday to celebrate the end of shape unit!  We asked parents to help send in the ingredients.  For rectangles, we had graham crackers and cheese.  Our squares were "Life" cereal and Cheez-its.  Fruit Loops and banana slices were our circles.  For triangles, we had Triscuit Crisps crackers and Bugles!  Our students thought the special snack was delicious!
After reading Brown Bear, Brown bear, What Do You See? we made these necklaces for a lesson in symmetry and as a retelling aid for the students.  We got the idea from the website  The students and parents LOVED this activity!   
Our next unit of study will be The Farm....  EIEIO!!  


  1. Love the brown bear retelling. Too cute!

  2. Love the color quilt and teddy bear necklace. Super cute. Thanks for sharing!