Sunday, August 28, 2011

Too Cute, Had to Share!

Our little "cowpokes" spent part of each day last week exploring math manipulatives.  So far, they have had the opportunity to explore pattern blocks, linking cubes, buttons, geo-boards, and teddy bear counters.  They have really enjoyed getting their hands on these materials and they have been so creative.
We love it when our students carry over what they have learned from one subject to another subject.  An awesome example of this showed itself to us on Friday when one of our cuties created what is pictured below.
This is our friend Carson, he was exploring the teddy bear counters and was proud to announce to Tanya, "Mrs. Wildman, look!  The bears are the class and we are in group time doing the morning message!"  Notice he used the lid to the tub that the bears were in as the SMARTBOARD!  How fantastic is that??!!  L-O-V-E it!!
We know he has been paying attention!  This made our day!  So glad I have a cell phone with a decent camera on it.  It was definitely a "Kodak moment"!  =)

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