Friday, May 27, 2011

2010-2011 School Year.....DONE!

Well yesterday was out last day with our students! They are officially 1st graders now! I can't believe the year is over! It really has flown by! At the beginning of the school year we had our children write their name below the sentence "This is how I write my name on the first day of kindergarten". Then they drew a self-portrait. Last week on day 175 we had them write their name again at the end of this sentence "This is how I write my name on the 175th day of kindergarten" and they again drew a self- portrait! WOW! It was amazing to see how they had grown in their handwriting as well as their drawings! We did not have arms coming out of our heads or legs coming straight out of our necks!!!!!! We also weighed and measured our children at the beginning of the year and took their picture. Yesterday we weighed and measured them again and took new pictures! We could not believe the changes! When you see your children daily, their physical growth sometimes goes unnoticed! Some children lost weight as they grew taller and some gained weight and height! Most of all, we noticed how most of them did not look like babies anymore but young children! Bittersweet! We sent the pictures with their height and weight home to parents as well as the handwriting and drawing activity! We hope each will take the time reflect on just how precious these children are and how fast they grow up! To all of our new first graders....we hope you stay as carefree, silly, and happy as you were in the short time you shared with us! We love each of you so much!

Mrs. Hutter and Mrs. Wildman

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