Friday, October 14, 2011

Apples Hallway Display

After our students tasted red, yellow, and green apples, each of them decided which apple they liked the best.  Each student constructed an apple from a small paper plate and paper of the color of their favorite apple.  I used those apples to create a line graph in the hallway.  The students at each table graphed the choices of their table mates.  I stapled the graphs from each set of students from each table together and hung them over the graph.
Thanks to Kim Adsit for the "Apple Pie Graph" activity.  Remember we have 42 children in our team taught class so our "apple pie graph" is BIG!  I placed aluminum foil behind the brown paper to hopefully make it look like a pie pan.  
This is what I hung between the two graphs.

Love how this shared writing activity turned out!  It looks just right in our apple hallway display!  Happy fall y'all!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Kinders...

So, on Friday, I was teaching a math lesson on positional words. I was using an adult size chair just like the ones the students sit in as a prop.  I stood behind the chair and asked the students, "If I stand here, what am I to the chair?"  They responded, "Behind!"  I stood in front of the chair and asked the students, "If I stand here, what am I to the chair?"  They all said, "In front of it!"  This went on until I said, "What if I crawled under the chair? What would I be?"  I was waiting for the response, "Below."  But instead, from one of my friends, I got the response...., "Stuck?"  HAHAHA!!  Then another friend said, "You couldn't fit under that tiny chair!"   Well, at least they were listening!!
To go along with this lesson, we used the awesome "Little Spider" positional words book that Shannon over at
Kindergarten Hoppenings shared with us.  Thank you, Shannon!!
I also just found and pinned this little book about positional words over at Can Do Kinders!  We will be using this soon for a follow up.  But this time, I will not be using a chair as a prop.... ;-)